Your Products in Perfect 3D

Your Products in Perfect 3D

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Bring Your Products Into the Digital Future

We’ve been trusted by some of the world’s largest companies to help them deliver 3D solutions, and we’re ready to do the same for your brand. If you’re at any stage of a transition into the digital future, we’d love to help. Contact us to discuss how to get started.


Flawless Product Experiences Everywhere

Your products need to be versatile enough to flow between a variety of immersive experiences.



3D Product Spinners

Let your customers inspect photo-real versions of your products from any angle with a 3D Product Spinner. Spinners allow them to rotate your products a full 360 degrees on any device.


Product Configurators

3D can allow your customers to experiment with a variety of products in a Room Configurator, or simply let them see what each product looks like in every available combination of materials. Product Configurators are a powerful and fun way for your customers to easily interact with variations of your product before making a big purchase.



AR/VR Experiences

Your products, built in 3D, are ready for an entirely new breakthrough in immersive shopping. Our process generates assets that are AR/VR ready, so your customers don’t have to imagine what a product would look like in their own home — they can experience it.


High Resolution Renders

Your Marketing team will love having your products in 3D almost as much as your customers do! Allow them to self serve and quickly get a beautiful render of any of your products from any angle, without having to involve a 3D artist.


Kraken Can Help Get You There

Let TurboSquid bring your catalog into the powerfully immersive world of 3D.



3D production can quickly get expensive and complicated. Different applications require different levels of detail. We have developed specifications and workflow tools that allow you to build a model once and use it for a wide range of end experiences.



We have almost two decades of experience managing a diverse 3D library. Whether you have an existing catalog, or building one from scratch, we have the custom tools and expertise to simplify and manage any 3D asset collection.



It’s not just customers that want beautiful renders of your products - it’s your marketing and design teams as well. Kraken gives them the ability to get a high-res image of any angle of any product - without having to wait for a 3D artist to fire off a new render.

TurboSquid invented the 3D industry’s first quality standards and has managed the largest group of talented 3D artists around the world for almost 20 years.

3D is What
We Do

TurboSquid has been a pioneer in the 3D industry since 2000. We built the industry’s first quality standards with our CheckMate and StemCell certification programs. We have the world’s largest network of talented 3D artists, and can handle any scale project imaginable. Our powerful custom tools and exacting QA process allow us to manage the delivery of thousands of models every month.