Importing Maya assets

To package Maya assets for import into Kraken, you must organize the model and its referenced files inside a single folder that is at the root of the ZIP file. For example, you might put the model file in this folder and all of the model’s textures into a sub-folder named “Textures.” Then you must ensure that the model links to the textures in that folder.

You must give the ZIP file the extension for Kraken to recognize it as a Maya model. The file can be no larger than 5GB. Kraken uses the name of the ZIP file as the name of the asset, not the name of the model file within the ZIP.

For example, this diagram shows a model file in in a folder with referenced files in the “Textures” and “Textures/Textures 2” sub-folders:

A Maya asset with referenced files in sub-folders

Then you can import the model as described in Importing assets.

For instructions on exporting assets from Maya that work with Lens, see Exporting Maya assets for Lens.


Kraken can import models from these versions of Maya and its plugins:

Maya (.maya)
Versions 2015-2022
Versions 3.x-5.xVersions 3.x-5.x

* The format labeled “Arnold” refers to the Arnold plugin version, not the Arnold render engine version.