Overall interface

The Kraken interface includes these main sections:

Highlighted diagram of the major areas of the Kraken Pro interface

  1. Module Panel: Contains the main modules you have access to. More information about each specific module can be found below.
  2. Filter Panel: Allows you to refine your search criteria using filtering options and the category tree. Selected filters can be removed from the top row.
  3. Search Results: Search results are returned with thumbnails of objects that meet your criteria. Clicking a thumbnail opens up the detail panel.
  4. Search Box: Where you input your search terms for the content you are looking for
  5. User Notifications and Account Settings: View notifications for assets and the intake process.
  6. Details Panel: The details panel opens when you click an asset. This panel displays a larger thumbnail as well as metadata for an individual asset. More information about the Details Panel can be found below.

Details panel

The details panel opens when you have selected an asset and allows you to see more detailed information about an asset by scrolling vertically.

Details panel of the Kraken Pro interface showing the thumbnail for an asset and its metadata

  1. Details / Files Tab: Switches between the Details view which shows information related to the object’s metadata and image gallery and the Files view which allows you to view, download, and upload data files related to this asset.
  2. Thumbnail + Gallery: Showcases imagery related to this asset to make it easy to preview the content.
  3. Gallery Upload Zone: Allows you to upload additional images to view within the gallery for this asset.
  4. Metadata: Lists relevant 3D metadata for content and contains areas to edit and add the content’s categorization and tags which help to power search.
  5. Files Upload Zone: Allows you to upload additional files that are associated with this asset.
  6. Files List: Lists all the files that are associated with this asset. From here you can delete, reupload and otherwise edit the files that are tied to this asset.

Kraken module panel

The Kraken web interface has several modules located on the left side of the application:

Explore allows users to search, browse, and download asset files. Users with the correct permissions can create assets based on existing files.

Explore module

Collections allow users to organize and group assets. Users can share collections with other Kraken users and with external users who do not have a Kraken account.

Collections module

Import contains a list of assets that have been imported into Kraken and their current status along with information related to imported content. See Importing assets.

Workforce is where users with the administrator role can add and remove users from the system and assign roles to them. See User administration.

Workforce module