Lens Real-Time 3D Viewer

Lens is Kraken’s built-in viewer for real-time content. Lens has tools that allow you rotate and inspect your 3D model without leaving the search window. Its more powerful version, Lens Studio, allows you to change features such as the lighting and then render the model.

Lens Viewer

To view a model in Lens, import a Lens-compatible file format (.FBX, .glTF, and .glb) through the Files tab of the Preview panel for an asset.  Then, click the orange View 3D Model  button below the thumbnail to load Lens.

Viewing an asset in Lens
The menu bar of Lens with buttons that turn on and off different aspects of the 3D model

Lens Viewer, this pop-up window that loads on top of your library, allows you to rotate around your model and to turn on a variety of viewing modes to inspect your model. You can expand the panel at the bottom of the Lens viewer to show a suite of inspection tools for the 3D content. These include toggling on the visibility of the model’s wireframe, normals and UVs.

Lens Studio

A model in Lens Studio

If it is enabled for your instance of Kraken Pro, you can open Lens Studio, a more featured rich 3D viewer, by pressing the expand icon in the top right section of the Details Panel for an asset with a Lens-compatible file.  Once the Details panel has expanded access Lens Studio by clicking on it at the top left side of your screen.

Lens Studio has 4 panels for interacting with your real time asset and environment.

  • Camera: change the camera angle, angle presets, focal length settings, and camera’s rotation.
  • Object: Position the object with its 3D environment.
  • Lights: Change the HDRI environment your object is lit with and adjust the lights placed in the studio scene.
  • Renders: Render your camera out as a high quality WebGL rendering, up to 3K resolution, and with background transparency for compositing in other applications.
Camera options in Lens Studio

To export content so it is viewable in Lens, see Exporting Lens-compatible content.