Quick start: Finding and downloading an asset

From the Explore module, there are several different ways for you to find the assets that you need and to download their files.

To find an asset, you can search for the asset by name with the search box at the top right of the screen:

The search box on the Explore module

You can also use the filters at the left side of the screen to filter the assets to assets in certain categories or with specific types of files:

The filters on the Explore module, including categories and metadata

When you have found the asset that you want, there are a few ways to download it.

You can hover the mouse over the asset thumbnail and click the download button:

A selected asset with the download button highlighted

You can also click the asset thumbnail to open its details in the right-hand pane. From there, you can click the download button:

An asset in the details pane with the download button highlighted