Quick start: Rendering 2D images with Lens

Lens is Kraken’s powerful built-in real-time 3D viewer, which allows you to view, rotate, manipulate, and explore 3D models.  For more information about Lens, see Lens Real-Time 3D Viewer.

To view an asset in Lens, the asset must be formatted for real-time viewing; see Exporting Lens-compatible content.

You can use Lens to export a 2D image of a 3D asset in any position and with many camera and lighting options. Follow these steps to export an image:

  1. From the Explore module, click an asset that has a Lens-compatible FBX or GLTF file, such as the model of a parking meter in the following image. Information about the asset opens in the details pane on the right side of the screen:
The Explore module, showing a selected 3D asset with the option to view the model in Lens
  1. At the top right of the details pane, click the Expand icon .
The details pane for an asset, with the expand to full screen icon highlighted

The asset opens in full-screen view, with three tabs at the top of the screen:

  • Details: Shows the full metadata about the asset
  • Content: Lists all of the asset files
  • Lens Studio: 3D asset viewer
The Lens page, showing the tabs for Details, Content, and Lens Studio
  1. Go to the Lens Studio tab at the top of the page. In Lens Studio, you can manipulate the asset in many ways, including moving, scaling, and rotating the asset with your mouse. You can also use the tabs at the right side of the page to work with the asset in other ways:
An asset in Lens Studio, with the tabs for manipulating the asset highlighted
  1. Use your mouse and the tabs to orient and light the asset and then click the Renders tab:
An asset in Lens Studio, with the Renders tab highlighted

The Renders tab shows the existing 2D images that are available and lets you create new 2D images.

  1. On the Renders tab, expand WebGL and select a size:
Selecting a size for the render from the drop-down list of sizes

Lens Studio creates the image with a transparent background and adds it to the list of renders. To keep the image, you must save it before you leave the page.

  1. To download the image, click the download button next to your new render:
A render in Lens Studio, with the download button highlighted
  1. To save the image on Kraken, click the save button next to your new render:
A render in Lens Studio, with the save button highlighted

Now your rendered image is saved to Kraken for other people to see and download. You can see the image in the list of renders within Lens and within the files for the asset on the details panel.