Searching and editing assets

Use the Explore tab to view, browse, download, and search for content. The default view shows the assets in the system and provides a search box and filters for categories and metadata.

Searching for assets

The search box at the top right of the page lets you search by keyword. You can also select filters from the left-hand column to show assets in certain categories or with certain characteristics.

The asset search bar

The filtering options on the left side bar allow you to limit your search results to certain criteria like file format, render engine and polygon count. The filters also support a negative search. For example, if you select the BLEND format, Kraken shows the assets with Blender files. If you click the “+” sign next to the BLEND filter, changing it to a “-” sign, Kraken shows assets that do not have Blender files:

A filter that indicates that Blender assets are being shown

Editing assets

When you select an asset, its details open in a sidebar Details panel. From there, you can see its metadata, files, and the jobs that imported its files. If your permissions allow, you can also edit some of the asset’s metadata fields, such as its name, categories, tags, and custom metadata fields by clicking the pencil icon next to the field:

Pencil icon

For some fields you may need to confirm your changes by clicking the checkmark:

Confirm or cancel change buttons

Assets can have these metadata fields:

  • Tags behave as search keywords, which helps people find the asset by searching for those keywords.
  • Categories form a taxonomy tree to organize your content hierarchically. The Kraken team sets the available categories for your system. 
  • Other custom metadata fields are set by the Kraken team.

Changing thumbnails

You can change the default thumbnail on the Details panel by clicking and dragging to reorder the thumbnail images. The first thumbnail in the Details panel is the thumbnail that appears in search results.

You can add additional thumbnails by dragging and dropping image files into the upload area of the Detail panel.